Countdown to Compre

While I lounge in the cold four corners of this room, waiting for my flight back home, I suddenly felt pressured; thinking how am i going to study now, with ‘hell week’ approaching eight days from now. 

Twelve subjects to study in eight days. I need some superpowers to that. I pray that for the eight days coming, I will be granted the memory to recall everything I studied in masters, apply it the way it should be, and influence others with what I have in mind. 

Education will always be a prerequisite for all of us. It is a vital part of our life. Whether where we get educated, the important thing is what we’ve  learned, how we learn,  and how we applied it. 

As we end this chapter of our lives, I pray that all my classmates pass their comprehensive exams this October.

It’s not only the exams that will teach us, but the process we’ve undergone through. The pressures; the times together; the wild ideas; the visions for our locality; the tough times – all of these will make us better individuals. 

I pray that better managers will lead our various sectors in the future. We need this change to happen. 

I will pass this exam. All because I want to see my children live a better place, a fourth of a score from now.



Finally, 2nd sem is over for UPV MMBM. Time to relax a bit, get focused on work and prepare for next semester. It’s so much fun to be a student again after so so many years. Back to those years, I remember being ecstatic always when the sem is about to end – what will be my grades? what will be my subjects next sem? who will be my classmates? Will I be closer to my crush next sem? I’m going to miss my crush, when would I have the guts to tell her I like her? I know a lot of you had these moments too. Everyone of us goes through this. But, it’s a lot different when you age. Priorities change. Life runs fast. Every moment counts. Today, your moment will be a memory and your memory will serve as your remembrance.

This is what keeps you going. Every smile in your face keeps you young. Enjoy life. Have fun. Take time to go to the beach. The beauty of the sea rejuvenates our mind and soul. The smell of the waves lightens our heart. Wash away all your stress and come back refreshed and renewed. Dip yourself into the ocean and be closer to God. Thank God for everything he has done for us.

Go to places you’ve never been – I dared myself to see the beauty of San Vicente, Palawan; Magic Island, Guimaras; Boracay; Isla De Gegantes, Iloilo and more interesting places you hear from friends and/or see in the internet. Mingle with strangers. Learn how they deal with life. I’m sure you will never regret it. Your perspective in life will change – it will change for a better you. Trust me, my travels changed me.




Blog # 10 IT is I.T

I.T is I.T – Important Today [IT), and as Important Tomorrow [IT]. The evolution of I.T has been very fast paced. In our line of business ( agriculture), With the advent of information technology, a 600,000 poultry farm can be operated by 6 people including back-up and guard. Seems impossible before, but is happening now – this is the future of farming.

it matter 1

To gain that competitive advantage, IT really matters. It is important to have a very good understanding of the Business Intelligence tool you are using and apply Knowledge Management correctly. Data privacy is very crucial in business operations ,thus, it is a must to secure all contracts of personnel involve in IT. Managers must be trained, motivated and instilled with good moral values.

In the lab activities we had, I have learned the power of microsoft excel and access. This is just a simple BI tool, yet so powerful if you learn how to use it. In my life and workplace, decision making have significantly improved, things are more organized, and clear directions are set through the use of BI. The BI tool seems costly when you look at it, but its effect, I could say is worth it.


Blog # 9

I’ve been using social media for the past years and it greatly helped me a lot in my personal development and professional growth. Social media helped me to deal with different kinds of people – be it local or abroad; met people from different professions; helped me saw different places without even travelling; taught me to be extra cautious in dealing with strangers and people you haven’t met yet; see different job openings and job positions in the global perspective; consult individuals in many aspects be it work, personal, or even about love life; it helped me find long lost friends; and it enable me also to communicate with my relatives and my best friends even if I am miles apart.  In short, my life have been revolving in social media for the past years and played a part in building what I am today.


As part of my advocacy, I promote the responsible use of social media by :

  1. I am committed to post only factual statements.
  2. I am committed to promote positivity to everyone.
  3. I am committed to report anyone who I found have violated governing laws of our country.


Blog # 8 Pirates of the Tropics

Whether we like it or not, let’s face it, Pirate is a profession in our country that legally exists. I’m not talking about the pirates in the sea, but rather to the Pirates of IT. Even government officials buy pirated software. With the current situation our country have today, I think it would not be reasonable to blame someone who buys pirated softwares – if we would look at the financial constraints ONLY. However, in the truest sense and for true success to materialise, PIRACY must be stopped at all cost.

Software companies could only do so much. Perhaps, be strict in reviewing the persons assigned to develop their softwares – background must be thoroughly checked, credibility must always come first. They must also continuously educate the people on the effects of piracy not only to the software companies but to the people and families working with them, and the effect that it could bring to the society.Lastly, they must get the government involved, have them realised the impact of piracy today and in the future generations. Our government needs some senators and congressmen that are IT knowledgable, because they are the one making and enforcing the laws.

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Blog # 7 Manage your Power

The More Ideas, The Better. But to be able to manage ideas, and put into writing would be the BEST.

KM Benefits

  1. Formulating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – this help employees learn how things are done and enables our organisation to get consistent work performance.
  2. Faster Decision Making Process – By delivering relevant information at all times through structure, search, syndication, and support, a KM environment provides us basis for coming up with good decisions.
  3. Taking Advantage of Expertise and Experience – Our people brings with them 20 yrs of experience. The more complementary the expertise of our people, the greater the power of the organisation.


  1. Resistance to Change – It is hard to influence senior people. We cannot change people, only the people can change themselves. Paradigm shift must be triggered.
  2. Lack of Accessibility – KM is most useful if knowledge is available exactly when needed.
  3. Unclear Directions – KM purpose must be clear and accepted by the organisation.

It is our responsibility to share to the right individuals the knowledge we know. For short term success and for individual goals, ” Knowledge is Power” holds true, but for long term success and holistic goals ” Knowledge sharing is empowerment” fits better.

Blog # 6 B.I.T’s

Organisations can encourage more effective use of business intelligence tools (BIT’s) through the following :

  1. Awareness – making the people aware of the importance of  a BIT’s  will make them understand the benefits  on the organisation.
  2. Teamwork – Sharing and having access to BIT’S would encourage organisations to analyse and collaborate in making critical decisions. This would help in coming up with the best possible solution.
  3. Continous Training and Development – In order to cope up with technological changes, organisations must provide adequate training and development so that people will keep learning and be motivated.
  4. Rewards System – It is just appropriate to give a rewards system to further encourage the organisation to use its BIT’s effectively. It will keep people delighted in their jobs.

Overall, the use of BIT’s must create a POSITIVE exposure. It must not be punitive,  since it may lead to demotivation and people might experience fear instead of being confident in helping the organisation achieve objectives.

I would recommend pay raises depending on the key result areas (KRA) and key performances indicators (KPI). For positions under the BIT’s department, I would require all employees to be proficient in using BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE APPLICATIONS.